About UniWrite

UniWrite provides more than just editing on university writing assignments. UniWrite also provides feedback on your writing and suggestions on how to improve your academic writing.

Your work will be read and edited by Bruce Evans. Bruce will also give you feedback and make recommendations on vocabulary, content and on writing structure and style. Professor Evans did his Ph.D. studies at the University of Pennsylvania – one of the Ivy League universities like Harvard, Yale and Princeton University, and he has more than 30 years teaching Academic English – most recently at the University of Oregon.

Services Offered

UniWrite provides several types of service.  You can get help with individual assignments such as papers, reports or essays. You can also get assistance with term-papers or semester-papers that are the final assignment for a course.  In addition, you can get help with major papers, reports or thesis to get your degree, and you can also get assistance with your dissertation for a Ph.D. or other doctoral degree.

Class Assignments
Term Papers
Major Papers

If you would like assistance with several assignments for a course, you can subscribe for a term (up to 10 weeks) or a semester (usually 15 or 16 weeks). With a subscription you can get help with multiple assignments and/or multiple drafts of an assignment for one price.

How To Start

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