Next Steps

First –

Click on the Services link at the top of the page to see the different services and their prices.  Do you want assistance with an individual assignment (a term paper, a major paper or a dissertation), or do want to sign-up for a subscription which allows you to get assistance on several assignments during a term or a semester.

Next –

Return to this page (Next Steps), complete the form below and describe that service you want. In the form, provide the following information

  • Your official name (first name, last name) for example: Shuhan Wang
  • A nickname if you use one and want UniWrite to use that name. for example: Nancy
  • Your email address
  • Status - Were you a student in one of Bruce's courses at UO or have you worked with UniWrite before? If so, enter RETURNING. If you were not one of Bruce's students at UO and this is your first time with UniWrite, enter NEW.
  • Message - Enter the service you want and you can ask any questions you might have.

Then –

You should receive an email message asking you for more information and instructions on what to do next.  Don’t checkout and pay until after you have received this email.


After you get a message back, send your paper as an attached document to, then click on the SERVICES link at the top of this page, select you service and check out.